Hifumis Schrein

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I feel a gambler's spirit emanating from you

I shall see you again, if the fates allow

We will continue with your lessons if I return safely.

The blooming sakura ...
I feel powerful when it's in my hand, like it's a magic charm

I mean, naturally I am disappointed that I lost...
But I still feel happy, as if a demon has been purged from me
The moment I realized that victory was impossible ...
I felt a strange peace

The scenery, the sounds, the smell
I'll be able to utilize all five of my senses
Perhaps I'll even come up with some new ideas

I feel that when my heart is calm
I can think an infinite number of moves ahead

My thinking gets sharper on rainy days. 
The sound or raindrops increases my focus

It's rare to see it snow ..
I can tell a chill is going to set in soon ...

I've heard that people make fun of me on the internet
People think I'm weird or that I'm an otaku
Certainly, I think I'm weird too

Everything here is so ethereal...
I've never been to an aquarium before.
It's beautiful... This might be a good way to relax my mind

There's also a curry restaurant just around the corner.
I recommend their katsu curry.
I always eat katsu curry before an important match ...
For good luck

Ordinarily I don't talk that much. I assure you...
Perhaps it's because I never had friends at school who i could talk to about shogi

The real reason I practice in the church is that no one wants to play with me

My kingdom is a house of cards, however I intend to fight with dignity until the very end, as a queen should
To concede is the act of admitting that you have lost, with grace
One must lose with grace.. With dignity until the very end, as a queen should...

With a single swing the blade of creativity may cleave through all adversity
Whether wielded in a painter's hand or a tactician's
What is important is that the blade is guided by righteous valor

I saw myself in incessant hell ...
Playing a purgatorial, pyrrhic shogi
Unable to ever win or lose ...

From behind, all scenery looks vibrant and colorful...

There are times, which require one to forfeit with valor and grace

A first class shogi player is similar to an artist.
Ideal placements on the board bring the pieces to life...
That is art at its highest form.

I simply love my family, and I want to support them through our troubles ...
Honestly, nothing good will come from being treated like an idol.

I was happy to be able to see you in Hawaii ...
You came to see me today too ..

What a sight... It's snowing much harder now.
I've always found snow to be so pretty

As long as I know I'm in your heart
I'll be happy

The lance piece moves exclusively forward.
Until it is prmoted, it can only move onward, never back.
Our lives demand the maneuvers of a Lance.
And so we shall continue onward on our own paths.
However, a promoted Lance can also move sideways.
If so deployed, it can even end up next to another.
... So now we will part ways, if only briefly.
When we have promoted, we'll find each other again.